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  • Hunan Wisdom Water Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as“Wisdom Water”) was established in 2008.The company is headquartered in Changsha International Enterprise Center, and its manufacturing base is located in Liuyang, Hunan Province, China.

    Wisdom Water is a "design, R&D, manufacture, sales, operation& maintenance" integration national high-tech enterprise, which focuses on development and application of water treatment technology, environmental protection design and planning. The company has complete intelligent sewage treatment product lines and more than 30 patented technologies. Our main business scope covers design and construction of sewage treatment plants in industrial parks, rural water environment comprehensive improvement, river and lake watershed management, black and odorous water treatment, manufacturing and sales of ISRI Sewage-Treatment devices also tap water, direct drinking water, reclaimed water equipment.

    Our company has the first-class qualification of environmental engineering professional contracting, passed the IS09001 international quality certification system and was assessed as a member of China Environmental Protection Association and Hunan Province Environmental Protection Association, key enterprise of Hunan Environmental Protection Industry .With an excellent reputation, the company also has been approved as Integrity Enterprise of Hunan Province for many years. Wisdom Water is committed to public environmental protection and caring for public health, the company will always contribute its conscience to the cause of "green water and green mountains".

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    • Sewage treatment engineering

    • ISRI sewage treatment unit

    • Comprehensive management of rural environment

    • Pollution control of black and smelly water body and river

    • Decentralized sewage treatment in townships and towns

    • Direct drinking water equipment and reuse of pure water and medium water

    Comprehensive Treatment of Rural Environment Sewage Treatment Projects River and Lake Watershed Treatment Medical and Industrial Sewage Treatment Water Operation Direct Drinking Water Projects Township decentralized sewage treatment
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